Our Story

A special place where early European settlers first crossed the fast flowing waters of the Awatere River in Marlborough, New Zealand.

The Crossings was founded by a group of wine lovers who dreamed of crafting outstanding wines from grapes grown in the picturesque Awatere Valley in the Marlborough region at the north eastern tip of the South Island of New Zealand. Their dream was realised in 2001 with the first vintage of The Crossings.

Today, with three superb vineyards producing Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and a state-of-the-art winery, The Crossings wines have an enviable reputation for quality in several of the world’s most discerning markets.

The 143 hectare (353 acres) estate is planted on three distinctive vineyards, each on alluvial river terraces, on the northern bank of the Awatere River.

Medway, the first vineyard planted in 1996, lies deep in the Awatere Valley. In 1998 Brackenfield was established, followed by Willow Flat in 2001, sited on the riverbanks where early European settlers chose to cross the fast flowing Awatere River.

The wines produced from Awatere Valley fruit display a unique pungency, coupled with incredible refinement and mineral character that has earned the valley the status of one of the finest viticultural regions of New Zealand.

The imposing peak of Mt Tapuaenuku, rising 2,885m (9,469ft) above the valley, is a dramatic backdrop to this beautiful landscape.